There are two important factors you need to remember you taking a shot :- 1- cue-ball and direction, and 2- how accurate you line up with your object-ball. When carrying out these factors the most important point to remember is not to strike the cue ball to far off center, you should always aim no further than the diameter of your cue tip away from the center. In general there are only five things you can do on any given shot.
1 – STRAIGHT –the first is to do a straight forward strike in the direction of the object-ball by aiming for the center of the cue-ball.
2 – FOLLOW SHOT – strike the cue ball a tips length above the center to make the cue ball follow after the object ball – in a straight line if the shot is a straight-in shot, or at an angle if you are making a ‘cut’ shot.
3 – DRAW SHOT – To make the cue ball come back to you after making contact with the object-ball strike the cue ball below the center position.
4 – LEFT – If you hit the cue ball properly the cue ball will deflect to the right, how far to the right will depend on  how far to the left you strike the cue-ball. because of this deflection you must learn to compensate in order to be   accurate. This type of shot is one of the more difficult techniques to master; its use comes in position play, especially when the cue-ball has to strike a cushion in its travels.
5 – RIGHT – same as number four except the cue ball deflects to the left when stuck from the right.
The diagram opposite show the cue ball and the five positions you can strike from. The dotted lines represent the lines of minimal result. i.e. for shots 2&3 if you don’t hit higher then (2) or lower than (3) the lines respectively the result on the cue-ball will be minimal. You will not achieve an effective draw shot if you don’t cue the ball as low or lower than the bottom line.
MISCUING – most miscues are the result of an attempt to cue the ball too far from the center position, or by jabbing the cue-ball.  With practice you will gain confidence, start on straight-in & cut shots for practicing the 5 stroke positions before cushion shots.

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